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Ganked by Bewitching Nidalee! by sakowfniapqf Ganked by Bewitching Nidalee! :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 9 0 FE-Style LoL: Akali by sakowfniapqf FE-Style LoL: Akali :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 14 13 FE-Style LoL: Ahri by sakowfniapqf FE-Style LoL: Ahri :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 34 14 Wario Land 2: Bobo Cursor by sakowfniapqf Wario Land 2: Bobo Cursor :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 4 6 IS: Vanae by sakowfniapqf IS: Vanae :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 3 7
A Gentlemanly Tale (Like A Sir)
A young woman named Reginald loved making art, and practiced dueling all day long to become the very best in all her town. But one day, she was completely stumped. She looked around her room, full of art pieces featuring mystical teacups, sci-fi landscapes of a futuristic London, and a portrait of the Queen that looked so real, you could start a conversation with it. But nothing inspired her. Had she really created everything there was to create? Depressed, she looked out her window, and made a wish on a nearby chivalry for inspiration to return to her. The next morning, she sprung out of bed, and used her skill in dueling to create the most beautiful deviation depicting gentlemen knighting anyone had ever seen. That night, she shouted out the window, "Thanks, chivalry!"
:iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 1 5
Fire Emblem Mercenary Sword Cursor by sakowfniapqf Fire Emblem Mercenary Sword Cursor :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 15 24 Why happy birthday thar, MarcusDranz by sakowfniapqf Why happy birthday thar, MarcusDranz :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 1 38 Small World Collab #30 by sakowfniapqf Small World Collab #30 :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 0 0 why by sakowfniapqf why :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 1 39 FES Portrait Splice Competition Week 4 by sakowfniapqf FES Portrait Splice Competition Week 4 :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 0 5 Blue Lips by sakowfniapqf Blue Lips :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 1 10 Last Flight by sakowfniapqf Last Flight :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 0 0 FE: IS Battlesprite (WIP) by sakowfniapqf FE: IS Battlesprite (WIP) :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 4 59 Mia (FE9/10)- GBA style by sakowfniapqf Mia (FE9/10)- GBA style :iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 4 10
you're tired
of picking tulips in the ocean
only to realize that you're
seven feet under and sinking fast,
and the tulips were probably in your head
the whole damn time.
guh, a blow to the stomach
your mouth, a door now held open
by torrents of that bittersweet smotherer
your throat cries out, almost physical thunder
and you're AWAKE.
or maybe you were the whole time
don't give a rat's, really.
but there you are
a skinned knee, mouth agape-
the world dares conspire against *you* with such injury?-
or a little more so; perhaps
a sunning mouse taken whole?
good ideas, bad vision?
you're overreacting, i'm sure, though
again, not a rat's.
but then, i'm not you.
to you, who knows
the silent scream of the unborn, protesting a world not yours?
(Which helps not a bit.)
perhaps the curse of sight
(To a narrow mind, sure.)
or even the fatal stab
of her final touches; disgust written
(Life moves on.)
over the expression of one
going through motions.
(Save the sob stories for those who have it rou
:iconsakowfniapqf:sakowfniapqf 3 7

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Hi there! Since I apparently get to be a Premium Member for the day, I figured I'd go ahead and write a critique for the first time. Ou...


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Y'know, last summer was kind of depressing for me. I thought it was because I was nearing my last year of high school, but having just graduated, I realized that it wasn't a huge deal. I mean, it's not like I'm never going to see my friends again. Anyway, looking back, perhaps the real reason I was all moody is that I didn't do anything. Having sprited Ahri yesterday (technically) on a whim, I realized that, while difficult and frustrating at times, the finished product was worth the effort, and I learned a few things about spriting while I was at it. Sure, it took time out of my pressing the A button a lot- whoops, I mean Final Fantasy XIII- session, but today, I accomplished something more than a sore thumb and a slightly worn A button. As such, this summer I'm gonna do things besides gaming all day, and I might actually enjoy it because of that.
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I'm sako, better known elsewhere as SmashedFish. I like gaming, drawing, and occasionally being silly. Despite what impressions you may have of me up to this point, I'm a bit more on the serious side in general. However, I'm never above having fun. :3


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Oh hey, what's up.

I've been busy as hell as of late so sorry for not being able to respond till now :/

Hit me up on skype or something sometime lol.
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The following is just a silly little thank you message from one of my characters, so please do not take it as offensive. XP

 Hi Earthian! I’m Coffee, coffee, coffee, Coffeekat! I like coffee! Do you like coffee? Energy drinks. Energy drinks are the best right? Oh shrimptails, yes! Oh wait, um, thank you for your interest in our species. Yeah, we’re supposed to give you a customary welcome thing. Is that customary? I’m not sure. I looked through so many files last night when I was coding a message to—do you like the color red? I’m pretty fond of red and octopuses. Octopi? Those squishy things with legs.  Anyway they’re fascinating creatures. I gotta get back to coding before Visions claws my ears off, talk to you later!
--Coffeekat, Crew 38 Computer Tech out!

Simply put, thanks for the watch ^u^ I hope you enjoy my art and if you ever have any questions you’re always welcome to drop me a note! Also I apologize my art may be a little wild for a bit in content and drawnness XD I’m trying to finish up a few projects (ask the devivs and a former project from a long time ago. X3)
oweroftea Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
oh dude, thanks for the watch! :'D eh i been i a slump as for now and eh i'm Pervert of not normal things, so i hope you dont mind see some of the stuff i post up. :3
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Thanks for the watch, but I won't be uploading my summer project until I've finished them all:P I'm going to watch you too;)
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Yes, with more of the gone and less of the present. I got the urge to log on today though and I'm glad I did. How are you?
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